Floor lamps are an essential home decor that you must have. It’s a tall lamp that sits on the ground usually placed in the living room to provide lighting. It is usually located near the couch or sitting area to provide lighting when you’re reading, sewing, or playing games. The aesthetical appeal is what you prioritize the most when choosing a floor lamp and functionality must always come next. Here are 10 floor lamps that you’ll surely love.

1. Lakmos Floor Lamp

This is almost 60 inches tall and 15 inches wide. It’s quite heavy as it weighs 17 lbs. This is cute and features a unique design. This goes well with beige-colored furniture and interior. It is available in three options. You can have it in plaster white, gild, and burnished silver leaf.

2. Oscar Large Sculpted Floor Lamp

This floor lamp goes well with an all-white or minimalistic interior. You can have it in the color white or black. The white one is perfect if you want a floor lamp that is simple and eye-pleasing. The shade is linen and the stand can either be a plaster white or an aged iron.

3. Bristol Floor Lamp

This is a Bristol Floor Lamp gilded with a linen shade. It measures 65 inches tall and 22 inches wide. The base is round in shape with a diameter of 11.5 inches. You can place this in your living room or your study room. It matches everything because of its cool color.

4. Lilian Floor Lamp

The stand of this lamp is very eye-catching. This one is sassy. It features thorn-like spikes all across its stand. If you want more appeal to your floor lamp then Lilian is the one you should go for. It also has a thick round shape base so it’s very stable.

5. Montreuil Floor Lamp

Just the name of this floor lamp already exudes elegance. It appears uniquely beautiful. You also get to have four mini lamps with this one. It makes a great decoration to add beauty and elegance to your dull interior.

6. Tavares Large Floor Lamp

One great thing about a large floor lamp is that one alone can already light up a corner of the room. You only need one to two of them to fully light up the living room. The stand of this lamp also features a cool geometric design.

7. Dauphine Floor Lamp

One challenging thing about floor lamps is that some of them are not stable. Just one shake is enough to make them fall to the ground. This floor lamp is different. It features a stable round stand. The shade is also supported by two thin metals that are attached to the base.

8. Scala Hand-Forged Floor Lamp

This is another floor lamp that you can have if you are into furniture with geometric design. It also features a shade that is much larger and wider offering more light to the room.

9. Dalfern Petite Reading Floor Lamp

These types of floor lamps are the best ones for reading. They are mainly crafted to shed light on your books. You can place this near your study table or the couch in the living room. This is petite so it’s very space saver.

10. Orsay Medium Floor Lamp

If you value aesthetics and appeal more than functionality, then this floor lamp is for you. This will work great as a decoration because of its unique appearance. Its shape and shade are extraordinary. You don’t see much floor lamps like this one.

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