The color of the year is a concept used in design and fashion to describe a color which reflects the mood of the current year. The color is identified annually by an expert on the topic, to reflect societal, economic and cultural trends. It’s a way for designers, stylists and retailers to stay on trend with fashion colors that are popular each season.

Color has been shown to have psychological effects on people when it comes to influencing moods and emotions. That’s why choosing an appropriate color can be important when creating interior spaces – it can contribute positively or negatively in your daily living environment.

Some color experts predict that green will be the next color of the year in 2022. But you don’t have to wait until then to start providing your home with a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere with more natural light, more plants and greenery, and a more harmonious color palette.

We can all make the most of the color of the year in our homes by choosing more inspiring color schemes and coordinating with our furniture and decorative accents. Colors that are more restful in nature, like purple, blue, green and beige are perfect for relaxing spaces. While colors that are more vibrant, like red, orange and yellow can help create a lively atmosphere in your home.

The best way to choose a color for your home is to start by looking at your room’s current decor – what colors are being used where? What would you like it to look like with a small accent change? This will give you some ideas to follow or try out. Another way to choose a color for your home is to think about the most common emotions that you would like to feel the most often in your daily living space. Then color coordinate accordingly!

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