These seven Dyson vacuum cleaners can help towards a dust-free and allergen-free home.

1. Dyson Outsize Absolute

The largest smart vacuum invented by Dyson, the Outsize Absolute has an amazing runtime of 120 minutes and has all the functionality and power you’d expect. Hair detangling technology and laser top out this amazing vacuum product.

2. Dyson V12 Detect Slim

At the other end of the size spectrum, the Dyson V12 sports the most compact body and the same laser illumination to reveal microscopic dust. A smart motor balances out run time and suction power, which means you get the most of it.

3. Dyson V8 Absolute

A cordless vacuum that’s lightweight yet powerful, you get a ‘fluffy’ cleaner head attachment for hard surfaces as well as three accessories for all-around cleaning.

4. Dyson Ball Animal 3 Complete

A deep cleaning machine for your house and pet, the Ball Animal 3 comes with a pet groom tool, a reach under tool, a carbon fiber soft dusting brush and a tangle-free turbine tool, among others. Say goodbye to pet dander and their fur floating around the place.

5. Dyson Omni-Glide+

A super maneuverable vacuum cleaner in every sense of the word, the Omni-Glide+ is perfect for those who want to exert minimal effort to get every nook and cranny of their houses clean. There’s even a mini motorized tool and pipe crevice tool included.

6. Dyson V11 Complete

Another cordless option for those who don’t want to get tangled, the V11 offers deep cleaning anywhere in the house and up to 60 minutes of run time.

7. Dyson V15 Detect

Has all the trappings of modern vacuum cleaners, you can’t ask for anything more when you get the V15 Detect. Optimized run time and suction give way to laser illumination and deep clean capabilities. It’s definitely a worthy buy.

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