Discover the unique and stylish holiday cards from Mpix, designed to spread festive cheer in a personalized way. The Custom Vertical Flat Card allows you to share special moments in a unique style, while the Corner Store Christmas White and Winter Park Stars bring a nostalgic and magical touch to your holiday greetings. The Velour Botanical Red and Joyful Collective combines elegance with festive spirit, and the Merry Type Stack offers a modern and minimalist approach. Lastly, the Festive Holiday Fun captures the vibrant and playful spirit of the season, making these holiday cards from Mpix a perfect choice to convey your holiday wishes.

1. Custom Vertical Flat Card

The Custom Vertical Flat Card from Mpix is a personalized stationery product that allows you to share special moments uniquely and stylishly. You can customize it with your favorite photos and messages, creating a truly one-of-a-kind card that reflects your personality and taste.

2. Corner Store Christmas White

Mpix’s Corner Store Christmas White is a charming holiday card that brings a nostalgic touch to your festive greetings. The design features a quaint corner store scene in a clean white color scheme, perfect for sending a warm, old-fashioned holiday wish to your loved ones.

3. Winter Park Stars

The Winter Park Stars from Mpix is a holiday card that captures the magical essence of the season. Its design features a beautiful winter park scene under a starry night sky, offering a serene and enchanting way to convey your holiday greetings.

4. Velour Botanical Red

Mpix’s Velour Botanical Red is a luxurious holiday card that combines elegance with festive spirit. The design showcases a rich velour texture and a stunning botanical motif in a vibrant red hue, making it an ideal choice for a stylish and sophisticated holiday message.

5. Joyful Collective

The Joyful Collective from Mpix is a cheerful holiday card that radiates positivity and festive cheer. It allows you to incorporate multiple photos alongside a joyful message, making it a perfect way to share your happiest moments from the year with your loved ones.

6. Merry Type Stack

Mpix’s Merry Type Stack is a modern and minimalist holiday card. The design features a stack of festive words in different fonts and colors, offering a contemporary and creative way to send your holiday wishes.

7. Festive Holiday Fun

The Festive Holiday Fun from Mpix is a colorful and lively holiday card that captures the fun and excitement of the season. The design is filled with vibrant colors and playful illustrations, making it a delightful choice for those wanting to spread holiday cheer in a fun and playful way.

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