Your furry babies deserve a treat! They are just like a family member to us. They can be a friend who would listen to your endless rants and complaints about life. A dog and a cat can also give you a hug when you need to. Life is boring and sad without them. Because they make your life better, they need a reward. This gift is to let them know that you appreciate them. Here are 8 pet products that can buy for your fur baby.

1. Bowl

A cute bowl is enough to delight your pet. They always love it when their food is presented in a clean and colorful bowl. This bowl is available in cute pastel colors. It’s lead-free and certified BPA. It’s also safe for dishwashers and microwaves.

2. Collar

A collar for your dog is necessary so other people would know the dog has an owner and that is you. It’s kind of an identity of the dog. This collar is durable as it can support even weight of 350 lbs. But it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s also waterproof and easy to clean.

3. Bed

Dogs, and even cats, like to lay on soft, warm, and cozy surfaces. They deserve a good night’s sleep and this bed is the main key to that. This bed is waterproof. It’s durable and breathable. Your fur baby will surely have a good time playing and resting on this.

4. Falcon Toy

Dogs and cats need toys when you’re not around to play with them. Don’t leave them without it when you’re not available to play. That would make them sad. This toy also offers treats so that it’s also interactive.

5. Carrier

This is a tote bag so you can carry your dog or cat with you anywhere you go. Are you going on a vacation or just a short trip? This tote bag can make it easy for you to bring your pet with you. This comes with straps and zipper pockets for your convenience.

6. Magic Leash

When we bring our pets outside, our hands become so occupied with a lot of things including the leash. This leash will help solve this problem. You can now bring a cup of coffee, hold your cell phone, and keep your dog from running away from you. You can tie this leash around your body or make it your belt.

7. Waste Bag Holder

The most challenging part about being a fur parent is managing the waste of your pets. This is especially the case when you go for a walk with your dog. You never know when they will take a poop. This waste bag holder can save the day. It can be attached to the leash so a waste bag is always ready to use.

8. Crate

The crate will serve as the private room or house of your pet. Just make sure to introduce them first to this crate before you get them inside it. They have to familiarize themselves first with this crate before they can use this.