Inspiration is one of the most important factors to becoming successful in your career or personal life, but it can be hard to come by without the right books and sources. Here are five books that will inspire you to be your best self, regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish.

1. LEGO Gear Bots

One of the greatest innovations in education is LEGO Mindstorms. Whether it’s programming your very own robot, or having a computer teach you everything from math to history, LEGO Mindstorms opens up the world of engineering to the average kid or adult. My favorite part about this book is that it gives you an idea of how to build a robot, but also teaches you some basic computer programming techniques as well. If you want to start building your own devices and robots, I highly recommend picking up this book!

2. World Record Paper Airplane Book

This book will teach you almost everything you need to know about building a paper airplane. Although there are entire websites dedicated to the art of paper airplanes, this book still manages to capture the basics and make it a fun activity to do with your family.

If you’re looking for inspiration and want an activity that will entertain your kids while they’re on vacation or during school breaks, then this is the book for you.

3. Highlights Summer Big Fun Workbook - Preschool Readiness

This is an awesome book for kids from age 5 to 8. It has tons of activities that can be done at home, and it even helps you prepare for the Common Core State Standards. If you want to get your kid interested in summer reading before school starts, then this is a fun way to do it!

4. Over 1000 Awesome Animals and Objects Seek and Find Puzzle

After you finish building a few of these, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do so. This puzzle book is amazing, and I highly recommend trying it out. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, this puzzle book will help you learn some basic animal and object names that we use every day.

5. I Love You My Little Unicorn

This book is a fun way to start practicing your reading skills, and it includes tons of cute pictures of unicorns. Whether you’re reading this book to teach your kids some basic reading habits, or you want to get an idea of how popular these books are, this is a great one to check out.

6. Mega-Maze Adventures

This book is great because it teaches you how to build mazes that are designed to stump anyone ages 3 to 103. Most maze books just give you a little bit of inspiration, but this book will teach you everything you need to know about building the perfect maze. If your kids are into mazes or puzzles, then this book will help them get better at thinking outside of the box and solving problems.

These books will inspire you and help you become a better person, whether it’s in your personal life or your career.